November Update

One recent evening, as Stephanie and I were talking together, I told her that if someone gave me the chance to go anywhere in the world and have any occupation I wanted, I could not think of being in any other place, doing any other thing, than what I am doing. Here are some of our joys from the work here in Moldova.

After the children’s home in Soroca had closed, we began work at a new center that opened up in the village of Cosăuți, just 15 minutes north of Soroca. The director has a big heart for the young people in the center and desires to see their lives changed for the better. So far, the young people have been receptive to the Bible lessons. Please pray for wisdom in ministering to these hurting and needy souls.

I will attempt to make a long story short. A widow from the village of Bulboci started coming periodically to our Sunday services in Soroca. She has arthritis in her knees and lives on the very edge of the village, but she would make the hour journey to our church (about half of that time is her walking to the bus stop). Jacob and I had began talking about starting a Bible study in her village.
     At the end of this summer, we found out about a Baptist young man (Alexei) and his mother who grew up in this village. They live in the capital city now but have been praying for many years for a church to be planted in their home village. This year, he has started taking steps to evangelize the village of Bulboci. In September, he organized a medical missions team to come and asked if we would preach the Gospel to those who came to the clinic. We gave the Gospel to around 400 people! Of those, almost 70 asked for us to visit them again and give them a Bible. In October and November, Jacob and I individually met with people and gave them the Bibles and offered home Bible studies. We were encouraged by the responses of people saying they wanted to start reading the Bibles right away. Alexei and his mother will remain in the capital through the cold months and return to help in the Spring.
During this time, we found out about a small group of Baptists and a couple Pentecostals in the village, and some neighboring villages, that had been meeting with a Pentecostal pastor and deacon that drive from an hour away to hold a service several times a month. Jacob and I met with the pastor and deacon to explain our plans of working with Alexei and his mother to start a Baptist church there. In the end, the pastor said they have been meeting with the group for 8 years and have unsuccessfully found someone closer and with more time to invest who can lead the work. They asked if we would take over the group. This past Sunday, everyone met together and was in agreement to make the change. Please pray for us as we continue to evangelize in Bulboci and begin leading the group of believers.

Remember the lady “T,” that Jacob and I led to the Lord in August who had a lot of health problems? Her health had declined so much that I was wondering if she was going to make it. She ended up having another operation at the beginning of this month. When I visited her about a week ago, she seemed like a new person. The doctors are shocked at the state of her health. Even better, she continues talking to family about Christ. Once the busy fall season passes, we are planning on gathering her friends and family at her house for me to share the Gospel with them all. Please pray for “T” to grow in her faith and continue reading the Bible and being a witness.

We are excited to see the positive response to the new monthly women’s Bible study and luncheon. Viola Hughes leads the study in Russian. While most of the women who come are believers, there are some unbelievers who have come. Please pray for Viola and for the Lord to use these meetings each month to encourage and grow the women that come.

Each quarter, Jacob leads a men’s prayer breakfast, too. Though the number is few, it is a sweet time for just the men and boys to be together, sharing our hearts and bringing our requests to the Lord. Please pray for more men to join us

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.