March 2015 Prayer Letter

First of all, we thank you for taking the time to read through our “battle reports” and praying for us and those we mention. Your prayers help in the spiritual warfare that we face.

Thank you for praying that we would receive our renewed residency permits. We have received them and found the process this year to be the easiest thus far.

Thank you for praying for peace in Ukraine, though the situation between Russia and Ukraine is far from a complete resolve, the peace treaty has had a positive effect in halting the active fighting for now. Please continue to pray for further stability.

About a month ago, Jacob and I started going door-to-door using a religious survey to help people consider their relationship with God and find those who are wanting to know from the Bible how they can be saved. So far, we are finding this to be an effective means of gaining good contacts for return visits. One lady did not want to listen at first, declaring that we have our religion and she has hers. She continued talking with us and by the end of 45 minutes, she wanted a Bible from us and was thankful for our visit. The next week, the security guard at our bank pulled me aside and politely asked me some questions. Knowing that I must have been one of the two Americans who visited his wife, shared with me that it was his wife to whom we had given the Bible. Please pray for the follow-up visits to yield fruit as we share the Gospel.

We have had Gospels of John printed, designed flyers, and are preparing the notes for the in-home Bible study topics that we plan to advertise around town. We have tried to meet with the mayor to get permission to set up a table at the markets but without success. Thus far, the times we have gone to the mayor’s office, he has been out of town. Please pray for that meeting to come to pass and for us to receive the permit.

At the beginning of February, the Filipino lady, Jeanet, returned to Moldova from her holiday in Germany. Upon her return, Viola Hughes started a Tuesday Bible study with her, which Stephanie and Abby also attend. Jeanet shared with us her desire again to be baptized. Jacob and I met with her to study what the Bible says about baptism and to answer her questions. Lord willing, we will baptize her the first Sunday in April. Please pray for her to continue growing in the Lord and also for her husband to trust Christ as his personal Savior.

On my way home from picking up Ana’s birth abroad certificate and passport, I picked up an Orthodox priest who was hailing a ride. Ironically, it was Valeri, the same Orthodox priest I had picked up on my way to Chișinău the month before. It was sad to hear him talk on the phone and give the prices for icons (over $30) and tell me during our conversation that only God knows whether an individual will go to heaven after he dies. Though thankful for the opportunity to witness to Valeri again, it was a sad reminder that most of the people here live in darkness.

On a family note, Ana is now 7 months old and should be having her first tooth showing inIMG_20150124_121212 the near future. She loves her new walker and being able to get around now. Abby, Caleb, and Daniel are looking forward to the warmer weather. Surprisingly, we have not seen much snow at all this winter, which is extremely unusual (I think you all received our share, in addition to yours). Please continue to pray for our family to grow spiritually and for me to be successful in this top priority of ministry… my family.

Thank you all again for your love, prayers, and support.