Update on Moldovan Elections

Thank you all for praying. It appears that the pro-European groups won the majority of seats in Parliament. The Pro-Russian parties still hold many seats and were not far behind the others. In fact, the socialist party received the greatest % of votes and the communist party the third greatest %. The three pro-European parties came in 2nd, 4th, and 5th place but together make up a greater % to keep the Pro-Russian parties from controlling Parliament. So far, we are seeing a peaceful reaction, but PLEASE PRAY IT CONTINUES THIS WAY.

On another note, due to complications with needing to get our marriage license with an Apostille affixed to it, we still do not have Ana’s birth certificate nor passport. We are now in a time crunch with documents in order to reapply for our residencies here in Moldova. Please pray that all this comes together without problems. Wednesday we plan to work on renewing Stephanie and the kids’ passports.