November 2014 Prayer Letter

Since our last prayer letter much has happened. Nadia, our neighbor, has continued to have a Bible study with David. They have been going through the book of Luke and recently finished chapter 19. From Nadia’s own words, she is trusting in Christ alone for salvation and not her works. She continues to show a hunger for the Word of God. Her daughter, Sofia, on the other hand, still is not settled on salvation.
Galia, the gypsy lady we mentioned before, has not been able to meet with Jacob and David very often because she is caring for her sick husband who is hospitalized in a different town. Please continue to pray for continued contact and progress with Galia.
We recently received an email from Ioan, a Romanian believer David met while on furlough who has worked on creating a Romanian hymnal with notes. Due to some complications at printing, it has yet to be published. Please pray that it would come to completion.
While at the market, I started talking to a vender and found out that she was a member of the Baptist church plant that was started a number of years ago but fell apart when the pastor left. They shared with David that, without having a church, they are not where they need to be spiritually. Please pray for wisdom as David and Jacob meet again with Oxana and her mother to hear their testimonies and how to further minister to these dear ladies.


Our neighbor, Varvara

My parents are visiting us for about a week this month. Due to our house still not having an indoor toilet or shower and having only the one room where our family sleeps, it was best for them to stay at a local hotel. Through this, David was able to witness to several hotel clerks and find them very open to the Gospel. One in particular had already heard what David was sharing with her from another hotel guest in the past. We rejoiced to not just be sowing seed, but also to partake in watering. Please pray that God would give the increase.
David had the opportunity to witness to some of the construction workers that were here the past few weeks and even gave a few of them a Bible. We praise the Lord for these opportunities to share the gospel.
IMG_0732 (1)One of Abby’s friends Sabina has been coming over regularly for the past few weeks. She said she is not allowed to go to the Orthodox church on Sundays and she doesn’t have a Bible. Please pray we will have an opportunity to share the gospel with her and reach her parents as well. Her parents work a lot and she is often left to herself. I am glad she has looked for refuge here.
We applied for the gas line to be run to our house this past June. We were told we were scheduled for July, then August. August rolled by with no word from the gas company. After reminding the gas company several times and explaining the urgency of the gas for heat this winter and have children and a baby, they finally started the process in October. The gas line is now connected and our heating system is working downstairs.

This past August we were able to install a septic system with the help of our friends. We P1060294also have gotten the insulation put on the outside of our house. They were not able to finish with the final coat because the temperatures dropped too low, so it will have to be finished in the spring. We need to finish the flooring and some final details in the kitchen still before we move downstairs. Lord willing, we can move down by the end of the month.

Thank you for your prayers for us and for the financial support. Continue to hold the ropes there as we do God’s work abroad.