House construction update and New Prospect

Plumber drilled two holes in our exterior wall today (one for the gas boiler and one for the air vent that the gas company requires). Two more holes for him to do: one for the bathroom vent and one for the stove-top vent-a-hood. Very thankful for his good attitude with the challenging work. Drilling a 4 inch diameter hole through solid stone walls that are 2 feet thick is not an easy job.

Yesterday we were approached by a young gypsy lady and her infant, asking for food. Bought them a loaf of bread, bag of oatmeal, and a yogurt. Gave her a gospel tract with our number on the back. Today I received a phone call from her mother asking about us, where we meet, etc. She was interested in us coming to her house to start a Bible study. There is always the possibility that people put on a front of spiritual interest with desires to get material needs met, but they did that with Christ, too. We’ll take that chance and see where things lead. The mother’s name is Galia, her daughter is Tania, and the infant is Vasile. Pray for boldness and wisdom on our end as we yet take another in-road.