Another step…

We would like for you to continue praying for the people here in Soroca, Moldova.  Tomorrow I will be starting a Bible study with a lady named Maria.  We plan to meet at her work and talk when she doesn’t have customers.  Please pray for her as we begin this evangelistic Bible study.

Also, one of our neighbors, Sasha, came over today with questions about spiritual things.  While talking with him, he wife came over, whom we had not met before.  Please pray for Sasha and Silvia.  They are a very friendly couple and we seem to be off to a good start with them.  They were relieved to hear that we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses.  We may also be getting one of their new puppies in the near future, too, to raise as our guard-dog.  It would be the type of dog that would jump and bite your ankle 😉

Tomorrow I also start work with Boris, an electrician who will be working on finishing the first floor wiring and breaker box.  Pray for the work to go well, but also pray for him to have a tender heart towards the Gospel.  Thanks again for praying for us and those we are ministering to.