We made it…

We are officially back in Moldova and very happy to be so.  Our flight over went very well (though long and tiring).  Just in our first two full days here, I wanted to bring up some prayer requests that have come up.

  • All the apartments/houses for rent in Soroca that I had down to call are already taken.  When we first arrived in Moldova for our first term, it took about a month to finally find and move in to the apartment.  It would be great if we could find the place during our first week here.  Please pray for the Lord’s provision of a place to rent until we can get our house finished enough to move in it.
  • I accidentally called Gregori today, a man I had met while house hunting last year and met with to share the Gospel to him.  Found out that his wife and son are now going to a Baptist church in the capital city and he is still showing interest in spiritual things.  He has thought much of our meeting and was glad I had called him.  I asked him if he has repented and trusted Christ yet, but he said he had not.  I told him I would continue praying for him and would ask that you join me.
  • We are all still out of whack with our body-clocks.  Please pray for the needed rest and adjustment to the time zone.
  • I spoke today with the builder who did the new roof on our house and has been keeping an eye on it while we were on furlough.  We are needing at least one other person working with me on the house who knows what he’s doing (since I don’t).  Oleg, the builder, says he may be able to find us someone.  Please pray for the Lord to provide just the right person and to begin working in his heart as we should have plenty of time to talk about Christ.

Thank you for your prayers.