March 2014 Prayer Letter

    How to you measure a furlough to be successful or not? Our main goals were to report to our supporting churches and visit friends and family. God helped us reach those goals but blessed us with even more than we expected.

In January, a dear family had been given the complete Betty Lukens Through the Bible flannel graph set by a missionary with the desire for them to pass it on to another missionary family. We already had the Betty Lukens teacher manual in Romanian and the print-out coloring and activity pages but just lacked the flannel graph. Thanks to the Lord’s provision, we now have the flannel graph set, too!
Later on in January, I had the pleasure of meeting a Romanian believer, Ioan Cernucan, P1050564who had worked with a team to develop a portable device that plays hymns and corresponds with a hymnal that they published. The device, named “Gloria,” allows one to select which instruments, key, and even tempo for each of the songs. It is currently available in English and Spanish hymns. Over the past 10 years, Ioan has worked on compiling Romanian hymns, creating the music files and also the musical scores for the printed hymnal that will accompany the device. We already have a ladies’ group from a supporting church that is saving up for us to buy some of the hymnals, once published. As of now, we do not have hymnals for the church-plant. Most song books there only have words, but no musical notes. Please pray for the printed hymnal to be published this summer.
The first week of March, Jacob Hughes and I met in Murfreesboro, TN to attend the P1050694Reformers Unanimous Training Conference. In addition to being personally fed spiritually, we learned more in detail how the program works. In essence, it is a discipleship program that preaches the Gospel and then teaches the believer how to walk in the Spirit. Please pray for Jacob and me to know if, when, and how to utilize the tool of RU in Moldova.

While on furlough, we had the privilege to present our ministry in several new churches. Just this past week, we heard that two are going to team up with us, not just with prayer, but also financial support.

We joyfully announce that Stephanie is carrying a little girl back with us to Moldova. The due date is August 4th. With the last two miscarriages, please join us in praying for a safe and healthy delivery, if it be the Lord’s will.

We came with 5 pieces of luggage and will be returning with 10. When you add in our clothes, baby clothes, homeschool material, tools and supplies for finishing our house, and the home decor (like family pictures) that we were not able to take with us last time, you can fill 10 suitcases easily. Please pray for wisdom on what to take and what to leave.

Most of you are aware of the conflicts in Ukraine and with Russia. While this currently does not directly affect us, Soroca is right on the border to Ukraine. Some of the same inner values among people in Ukraine that feed the divisions are also in the hearts and minds of Moldovans. Please pray for peace in Ukraine.
Thank you to all who prayed, gave financially, and fellowshipped with us this furlough to make it a blessed one. Please pray for safe travel as we fly to Moldova, Lord willing, on March 24th.