Winter weather travels

With the winter weather affecting the areas we will be this weekend, I am asking you to please pray for wisdom as we make decisions on when and where to be.  Our Sunday morning meeting in Louisville, KY has already been cancelled by the pastor there.  We are planning on driving tomorrow into the area affected by the winter storms.  Our tires on the van are not at the point of needing to be replaced, but they are far from being new.

Please also pray for a man by the name of Gary.  We met him at a stop during our travels on Wednesday.  He is looking for work.  When we met him, he was collecting soda cans from the garbage to get some money from them.  He does have a family, too.  He stated that he has trusted Christ as Savior and is saved.  He saw the “Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry” on our van and was simply asking for us to pray for him to find work.  We helped him out a little for one meal for his family, but please pray that he would find a job.