Ioan update…

I mentioned in our last prayer letter that we were able to witness to Ioan, the husband of a woman in the church we’ve been in since December.  I mentioned that he had listened well but gave excuses such as hypocrites in the church as to why he had not repented and trusted Christ as his Savior.  I also had stated that he had cancer in the throat.

I just found out that he had surgery this past Thursday.  I was able to go see him at the hospital this evening.  Due to the surgery resulting in the removal of part of his tongue, jaw, etc., he was unable to talk, but he was able to listen.  I went through the Gospel once again with him and encouraged him to repent and trust Christ.  I told him that we and many others in America are praying for his healing but even more for his salvation.  Please continue to pray for Ioan.

On a less eternally important note, we leave Wednesday morning for America.  Please pray that I can get everything finished that needs finished between tonight and tomorrow.  It’s already 8 pm here.  Hate the thought of leaving, but I know God has a plan for our furlough, too.