Breaking down for the Gospel

Yesterday, Caleb and I went up to Soroca to take a load of belongings to the house, pick up our house documents, and pick cherries. We spent the entire day up there and left there about 6 pm to head home, which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. So far, things were going as planned.

After being on the road towards home for about half an hour, we saw a car pulled off the road with the usual signs of car trouble: hood up, passengers standing outside around the car, etc. We pulled over and asked if they needed help. The group was made up of a young couple with a baby and three young ladies. They had been stranded there for 30 minutes and only one person had stopped but did not help them. They had serious engine trouble and needed towed back into town. Their plan for the day was to visit a monastery, but God had plans for them to hear the Gospel instead.

We hooked up the tether to their car and began our trek towards the town. We had the three young ladies in our car with the young couple following behind. While the man only spoke Russian, the young women knew Romanian, too, which allowed me to go through the Gospel with them in the 30 minute journey to the car repair shop. They were very open, listened well, and even took the Gospel tracts with our contact info before we departed. No repentance and trusting Christ that evening, but a seed was planted. Please pray for these young people to repent and trust Christ. Please also pray for us to not miss or walk past divine appointments that God has for us.