It’s Caleb’s turn

The past 12 months have been interesting.  We have had more health issues in our family in that time period than ever before in our family.  For one, this makes us thankful for the health we have had thus far.  We also are reminded of how frail we really are, regardless of age or apparent health.

The most recent saga has been with Caleb.  Please pray for him as he has a minor surgery scheduled on June 15th to correct something a doctor in the States had not done correctly.  Secondly, he has  been complaining about pain in his abdomen.  This week, he has had a blood test, sonogram, intravenous x-rays, and a meeting with a urologist.   From our meeting yesterday with the urologist (the same one that helped us with Abby’s kidney infections last year), we found out that Caleb has an abnormality with his bladder, an issue with one of the tubes between the kidney and bladder, and needs an additional test done to give us the extent of the issue.  Nothing appears to be urgent right now or serious, for which we are thankful, but he may be needing some corrective surgery before future problems would develop with his kidneys.  Caleb has been a real trooper through all this and I’m sure he would appreciate your prayers for him on June 15th and also as we look into these other possible issues.