May 2013 Prayer Letter

    “Hristos a înviat!” To which you respond with, “Adevărat a înviat!”  These words, “Christ is risen!”  and “He is risen indeed!” become a common greeting, starting on Easter (here in Moldova it was on May 5th) and continue for about a month.  Around this time of year, the dark, gray scene brilliantly changes to green leaves white blossoms as summer nears.  With new life found through Christ, this time of the year very well matches the theme of the resurrection.

Stephanie and I were able to talk more with Dr. Natalia at the last doctor visit.  She continues to read the Bible when she has time, but we feel we have gone as far as we can with her right now.  We once again invited her to our home so that we could talk more with her, but she once again reiterated her hectic and ever-changing schedule as a doctor.  Please continue to pray for her.

Plans continue to come together for our furlough.  Last week, we bought our plane tickets and now have more concrete dates with which to work.  Please pray for the rest of our meetings to get booked and the other plans to come together.

In April, I had the privilege of going to Cluj-Napoca, Romania to be a part of Gospel Light Baptist Church’s missions conference and their conference introducing the Reformers Unanimous program in the Romanian language.  Pastor Kingsbury came and spoke for the RU conference, which was a blessing.  The RU program is just one of the tools that Jacob Hughes and I are praying about using during our second term for the church-plant in Soroca.  Please continue praying for Jacob and I as we plan and gather materials for the work.

Thank you all for praying regarding us finding a home in Soroca.  Lord willing, by next week, we will have closed on the house and be able to make plans to finish it.  The house has walls, windows, and roof, but there is still much work left to do to finish it.  Please pray for the closing to go smoothly, running water to be installed on the street as planned this summer, and for us to find the needed help and expertise in finishing the house.

In the quest to find a home in Soroca, we had called numerous people.  In the houses we have seen, we sought to sow some seed and at least leave a Gospel tract with the owner, if not more.  One of the contacts actually lives in the capital city where we currently live.  From our first conversation, I had told him why I’m here in Moldova and had asked if he would like for us to meet sometime and allow me to share the Gospel with him.
He later called me back and wanted to know if we could still meet.  The Lord worked it out for us to meet.  We talked for two hours about salvation through Christ.  I rejoiced to hear him say, “I understand I am a sinner, but what must I do to take care of this problem?”  I went through the Gospel with him.  He did not repent and trust Christ at our meeting, but he is very close.  In his own words, he believes that God worked it out for me to meet him and share this with him.  He wants us to meet again.  In addition to this, he realizes that his son needs to hear this, too.  After some follow-up calls with him, I found out that he gave my contact info to his son, but his son has yet to call.  Please pray for Gregori and his son to trust Christ as their God and Savior.
Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the near future during our furlough.