Praying for dreams to come true…

Dreams are important.  Without dreams, many of the experience in life which we enjoy would not exist.  Without men dreaming of flying in the sky like birds, we would have had to take a boat to get here to Moldova.  Without men dreaming of creating and utilizing electricity, I would not be typing this right now.  Dreams are important, but when dreams come closer to a reality, life becomes very exciting.

I used to dream of arriving to Moldova to stay and work for the Lord.  It is now a reality.  I used to dream of witnessing to people here in their own language.  It is now a reality.  I dream of leading people to Christ, my Savior.  I dream of being a bold witness for Christ, seeing people convicted of their sins, and turning to Christ with repentance and faith.  I dream of seeing people excited when they read the Bible and understand more of God’s truth.  I dream of seeing students of the Word becoming teachers of the Word.  I dream of working with the Hughes and seeing a church established in Soroca during our second term.  I dream of working with Moldovans from the future church in Soroca to start churches in other towns in the northeastern part of Moldova.  I dream of Moldovans, who leave to work in other countries, going with Gospel tracts and Bibles with the intent of witnessing and starting churches in other countries.  I have a dream.

I get excited when I see dreams unfolding before my eyes.  I also don’t like it when I think a dream is coming true and then fizzles out.  How many attempted flights occurred throughout history until the invention finally took off?  How many attempts did Thomas Edison make in creating a viable light bulb for consumers before light was shed on the solution?  Without the attempts to see the dream come to pass, the dream will not become a reality.  Accomplishment is just the paramount of multiple attempts.

Today was another attempt that I am praying will lead to seeing dreams come true.  In the quest to find a home in Soroca, we have called numerous people.  In the houses we have seen, we sought to sow some seed and at least leave a Gospel tract with the owner, if not more.  One of the contacts actually lives in the capital city where we currently live.  From our first conversation, I told him why I’m here in Moldova and asked if he would like for us to meet sometime and allow me to share the Gospel with him.

He called me back a couple days ago and wanted to know if we could still meet.  The Lord worked it out for us to meet today.  We talked for 2 hrs. about salvation through Christ.  I rejoiced to hear him say, “I understand I am a sinner, but what must I do to take care of this problem?”  I went through the Gospel with him.  He did not repent and trust Christ at our meeting, but he is very close.  In his own words, he believes that God worked it out for me to meet him and share this with him.  He wants us to meet again.  In addition to this, he realizes that his son needs to hear this, too.  He is going to give his son my phone number.

I have a dream, that he will trust in Christ as his Savior and his family, too.  Please pray for Gregori and his family to find salvation in Jesus Christ.

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