March 2013 Prayer Letter

2013 March

As we find ourselves at the end of March, we know that furlough in July is going to be upon us before we know it.  David has been going to Soroca for a day or two almost every week this past month.  He has looked at quite a few houses, but most of the houses he has seen have foundation issues, cracks in the walls from roof to base, or were out of price range.  But one unfinished house in particular has stood out due to it’s low price and quality.  We are hoping to be able to finish the house and move before we return to the States at the beginning of August.  Please pray for us to make the decision that God wants us to make regarding purchasing a home.
Thank you for praying for us to receive our residencies.  We did receive the two-year permits which we needed.  We are thrilled to be here and able to continue serving Christ here in Moldova.
We had some car trouble this past month which forced us to take public transportation more often than usual. (Thank the Lord, the car is running better now.) In taking public transportation and going to Soroca, David has had more witnessing opportunities. In particular, please pray for Vlad, Eugine, Iacov, Alexei, and others to be saved.
Thank you very much for all the love and prayer support and some that sent financial gifts as well in our time of loss. We have seen first hand how God holds up His children with amazing grace in these times. We were very touched with the many, many notes that we received expressing care and condolences. God’s Word says to love the brethren fervently, and I felt we were recipients of that. Thank you very much.
IMG_20130204_102949UPDATE ON NATALIA
Regarding my doctor, Natalia, we were able to further talk with her about salvation during a checkup.  She told us that she does feel guilty before God and questions the possibility of truly being and feeling forgiven.  With the short time we had with her, we encouraged her to read in the Bible what God, not man, has to say about forgiveness through repentance and faith in Christ.  Since that time, we have not been able to have another good talk with her. My appointment for today was canceled because she is sick. I am hoping to see her next week instead. Please pray that we will get to go through more of the gospel. Specifically, pray no one else is in the room so that she will be at liberty to discuss spiritual things with me again.
Since our last prayer letter, the Lord has opened up extra ways for us to serve in the church here in Chisinau.  David was asked to fill-in and teach the Tuesday night Romanian Bible study for four weeks initially, but has been asked to continue.  He has also been asked to fill the pulpit twice a week in a village church who has been without a pastor for ten years.  So we are going there every other Sunday to be a blessing to them. The Sundays that we are in Chisinau I usually have the opportunity to play the piano for the congregational singing. I am very excited to be able to be involved in this way again. It is amazing how God works. So many people play by ear or by chord over here because they have not have formal music training. I have thanked God many times that I can play by ear because it has helped me serve Him better here.
– Stephanie