Old Doctrine and New Home

Thoroughly enjoyed today.  I had a very profitable monthly meeting with Jacob Hughes.  As a team, we are working on detailing out the doctrinal statement for our team and future church plants, team ministry philosophy, and working through other details in preparation for furlough and the second term in Soroca.  Each time we meet is always an encouragement and a highlight of my month.

This evening, I had the joy of teaching the Romanian Tuesday evening Bible study at church.  Seeing as Jehovah’s Witnesses are becoming more and more abundant here, I started a couple week series on the abundant reality of false teaching, our need to know the Scriptures, and focusing on the doctrine of the deity of Christ, that He is JEHOVAH God.  The people were very attentive and were hungry to study the Bible.  We had a young man who had been working nearby show up.  After the study, I was able to talk with him a little more, exchange numbers with him, and give him a Gospel tract to read through.  Please pray for my followup with Victor.

I will be leaving this month with a Moldovan friend up to Soroca to do some more home hunting.  Hunting for a place to live here is very different than in the States.  I need someone who has construction experience and will be able to identify issues with the homes we look at.  We don’t know if the Lord will lead us to a place to live before we leave for furlough, but we are trying to take the steps to open up that possibility for us.  Please pray for our safe travel to Soroca and back, for God to lead the hunt for a home, and for the safety of our families during out time away.  It would also be great to make some more contacts and have more witnessing opportunities during our time there.