When your car battery dies…

I’ve never enjoyed changing a dead car battery as much as today. I carried the dead car battery (10 years old, and not repairable) to where I could get on public transport, got to the place to get the new battery, and was able to witness to the same man (Roman) that had sold me our winter tires. He is a (temporary) atheist and has been turned off to religion by priests and other religious people, who are hypocrites, in his mind. After sharing the Gospel with him, I left him with a tract and my number. While we had an amiable talk about God, he did not seem open at the time to changing his disbelief in God. Interestingly, he is originally from Soroca, where we plan to church plant next year. Pray for more watering on the seed in Roman’s life.

When I lugged the new battery home, I found out that the new battery was a centimeter too long for the tray it sits in. This led to another chance to plant some seed…. the taxi driver who drove me to exchange the battery. Things went fine until I offered him a tract. He was quite stuck in his church traditions without wanting to talk too much about what the Bible says.

When I returned to our car, the battery fit exactly in the tray. While working on getting everything hooked back up, two guys came out to work on their car, which was next to mine. This led to the normal, “hey, what’s y’a fix’in on your car?” conversation that guys like to have with each other. This then led to exchanging phone numbers with one of the men, Eugene, and him asking for us to get together sometime, possibly as early as this Saturday. He knows a good bit of English and is interested in practicing his English and just getting together to chat. I already told him why I’m here, so talking about the Gospel shouldn’t be any shock when we meet next. Please pray for Eugene’s heart to be prepared for when we do get to meet.

When I concluded that the car battery needed to be replaced, I was not expecting all the added divine appointments that came about from it. If something “wrong” happens today that you were not expecting, when your “car battery dies,” keep your eyes open for people God may bring into your life for your to share Christ with.

P.S. The car is back to running order 🙂