Romans 8:28

Stephanie made it home today. She still has some recovering to do. The infection is still in remission. The doctor believes that the infection is what brought about the miscarriage, once it reached Enoch. Stephanie never started feeling badly nor running fever until a week after she started having the complications.

This morning started off difficult for Stephanie, hearing babis crying at the hospital and knowing she won’t be holding hers. But God quickly changed grief to joy. The doctor, Natalia, who has been tending to her since Sunday, came in to ask Stephanie a question. She said that she has seen that we are very different. We talked some with her on Sunday right after we lost the baby and told her we were believers. Even though she is Orthodox and found out we are baptists, she still was intriged by how we were handling the situation (we were not handling anything….. it has only been God’s grace and enablement). Well, back to this morning, she pointed to Stephanie’s Bible next to her bed and asked Stephanie if we could get her a Bible. Her ten year old daughter recently asked her why her grandmother has a Bible but the do not. Stephanie was extatic to see the Lord using Enoch’s death to draw someone to the Gospel. When I arrived to pick up Stephanie we were able to give her a Bible for her daughter and one for herself. We also gave her a Gospel tract and evangelistic book. We gave her our contact info and the info on the church we are attending. Please pray for Dr. Natalia’s salvation. She was such a blessing to us during our time there. We would love for her to be saved and meet Enoch in heaven one day.