Enoch’s burial

P1040100We wanted to thank you once again for all the prayers. God so wonderfully worked out the details for Enoch’s burial. Due to Enoch not being a certain weight in order to be considered “a life” by the government, we did not receive a death certificate, which makes getting an actual plot at the cemetery a difficult option. At the same time, I was told by the hospital staff that it would be illegal for us to bury him on public property, too. But you all were praying and……. A man in the church here, both he and his son, went through the same trial of losing a child due to miscarriage. Wanting to be a blessing to us, he provided us a place on private property. He had dug the hole and ready for us when we arrived. There were other little details that were not possible to go as we had wanted, but we had to leave those things in God’s hands. The burial was short and simple but gave some needed closure.

Stephanie had to stay another night. She still has an infection, which is getting better, but they said she needed to stay another night. I think it was some protein count or something else, that is supposed to be at “6.” When she showed up at the hospital, it was over 100. It is currently down to 45, so there is much progress. Emotionally, Stephanie is doing well. We still have our times of letting the tears flow, but we are continuing to find God’s grace and peace sufficient and comforting. Jacob and Viola Hughes, Dan and Emily Ford, a host of others here have been a huge help and encouragement to us. We thank God for having people nearby who show Christ’s love in such tangible ways. Thank you for praying for us today.